Monday, November 9, 2009


So sorry that I have not yet update my blog lately (nearly 2 months). But I will still try my best to do the updating soon once I have cleared my work backlog.

I have been thinking... The Malaya JIM notes are getting very boring to do.. just talking about Prefix and minor variation... so my next updating could be that I will switch from these JIM notes to a more but confusing banknotes:- THE PUPPET GOVERNMENT OF CHINA BANKNOTES AND COINS, WITH REGARD TO MANCHUKUO, MONGOLIA, THE HUA HSING BANK, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CHINA AND THE CENTRAL RESERVE BANK OF CHINA AND SOME OF THE PROPAGANDA BANKNOTES TOPICS.

These banknotes are of such of great historically value, especially in all kind of varieties and the reasons why Japan wanted to conquer China so desperately.

Lately, these banknotes are getting momentum of interests. From my observation, and also my late trip to China in October 2009, these banknotes quality and quantity is dwelling and getting expensive. I just couldn't find good quality in China, meaning someone, somewhere and somehow are collecting them.

Hope it could be a interest to you.

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