Monday, August 31, 2009

China Propaganda banknotes during WW2 - Central Reserve Bank Of China 100 Yuan Banknote (1942)

This banknote allegedly has the muzzles of wolves in the border. The back to back wolves are claimed to represent Japanese rapacity and greed. Perhaps not such a subtle comment. Harry W. Atkinson says about the wolves:

Comments about the wolf are contained in the classic edition of Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives, by C.A.S. Williams. About the wolf he wrote, "Regarded as the emblem of cupidity and rapaciousness, being compared to an official who exacts money unfairly from the people in the shape of unauthoized taxation."

Bruce W. Smith adds:

There might be something to the wolf story. The Chinese did indeed compare the Japanese to wolves. In fact, there is a Chinese communist stamp that depicts the Japanese as a wolf.